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Famous Jameis At It Again

His behavior is pretty revolting, but Florida State's might be worse.

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On balance, we're glad that the ACC is still relevant and that it didn't fall apart under the great waves of change that are sweeping college sports. It's not the same ACC, but the heart of the conference is still there.

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Still, there's a price to pay for big-timing things, and Florida State is getting a hint of what that means when it comes to Jameis Winston.

Winston's latest act, jumping on a table and yelling something offensive enough that we don't feel comfortable putting here, was apparently him acting out an Internet meme.

And to be clear, like Winston, we've used all those words too, as many of you have. Crude speech is not a crime. It's just that we're not major public figures and we're not being vulgar in front of a crowd.

And it's not like it's the first time Winston's behavior has caused problems. The list now is pretty well known and true or not, it sticks to him now like glue: the BB gun. The stolen crab legs. And most of all, the accusation of rape and the highly questionable behavior by police and prosecutors.

It's not about being a saint. It's about judgment. Winston's is seriously flawed and doesn't appear to be improving with age or repeated stupidities.

Over at USAToday, Dan Wolken gives some perspective on what this means for both Winston and FSU. None of it is healthy.