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Danny Ferry Takes A Leave Of Absence

Former Duke great and Atlanta G.M. opts for a break after a grueling week.


In light of the controversy which arose this week, Danny Ferry has elected to take a leave of absence.

This was announced by Atlanta CEO Steve Koonin, who issued a statement which you can read here. This passage though acknowledges that there was an unfortunate tension between two of the owners which led to this situation:

"While the issues related to race are deeply troubling, at the heart of this dispute is an unfortunate disagreement amongst owners."

By the way, here's the document which Ferry quoted. We wondered why the writer wasn't identified. It looks like he's not with Atlanta at all, but rather a Cleveland guy who talked about Luol Deng's time with the Cavaliers. That's something we didn't expect and we're not surprised that the Hawks didn't release his name.

It makes sense that teams exchange information. You would obviously want to be able to count on getting that information from other teams in the future, which probably explains why Atlanta hasn't identified the author.