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USAToday Sees Easy Sailing For Team USA

The giddiness is understandable, but cockiness leads to trouble.

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Contrary to what you may hear, a U.S. win over Serbia is not a guaranteed slam dunk.
Contrary to what you may hear, a U.S. win over Serbia is not a guaranteed slam dunk.
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

We were of two minds about France and Serbia - first that France had to play really well to beat Spain, and second that Serbia had coalesced and was possibly playing even better.

Turned out the second thought was the more accurate. Serbia is really, really good. This team might've beaten Spain as well.

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And regardless of what USAToday thinks, victory is never assured. You don't have to look to far to see the evidence.

Villanova. Jim Valvano. Appalachian State. Buster Douglas.

Upsets are always possible.

How could it happen here? Certainly it could happen if Team USA starts believing stuff like this - that Serbia can't possibly win. Because as soon as you believe that you're setting yourself up.

Duke fans know that's something that Coach K has always tried to avoid, partly by always giving every opponent the respect of great effort.

And you can bet that the Serbs aren't backing down. Check out what Nenad Krstic said after beating France: "We're not going to be scared for sure. Now our confidence is high and OK, we have a chance, maybe some players never get this chance to play against U.S., great U.S. team in the final of the World Cup. It's an unbelievable chance to do something great in our lives."

That team is going to be sky high. The U.S. has to match it or risk everything.