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Former Doherty Assistant Doug Wojcik Repeating Chapel Hill Experience At Charleston?

Wojcik has been accused of abusive behavior by, well, lots of people.

After the allegations about his behavior, Doug Wojcik has reason to be downcast.
After the allegations about his behavior, Doug Wojcik has reason to be downcast.

You would think, after being Matt Doherty's assistant and seeing how his UNC career ended, that Charleston's Doug Wojcik would know better.

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Does any of this ring a bell?

  • Deion James, who played for Wojcik at Tulsa: "Coach degraded, belittled, and outright disrespected not only myself and my former teammates, but also his assistants as well as several staff members of the school. I have played for many tough coaches, however, no matter how tough you are as a coach, there is a line that once you cross, you can never come back. I've seen with my own eyes Wojcik cross that line. He talked a lot about being a 'foxhole' guy and he said I wasn't a 'foxhole' kind of teammate"
  • Wojcik to guard Chad Cooke: "I'm going to rip your [expletive] throat out."
  • A.D. Joe Hull: [Wojcik is] "extremely difficult to manage."
  • Wojcik to Adjehi Baru: "You were a top 100 player and supposed to be the next big thing. NBA? Ha. Kiss that out of the [expletive] window. You’re supposed to be some great player, but where are you going to play? You can’t even [expletive] do anything. You’re never going to play pro,"
  • Wojcik to an anonymous player: "Why are you getting bad grades. This school isn’t even hard. When you graduate, you might as well burn your degree because it’s not worth anything."

That last bit won't go over well, nor will his encounter with his A.D. when he was outraged by his review.

It's disappointing on a number of levels. Wojcik always seemed like a bright guy to us and to see him not learn at all from his close-up view of Doherty's self-destruction...well, if you can't learn from that, either you're just stupid or have some serious issues.

To be fair, he's not in a court of law and he hasn't been found guilty of anything. And James, despite his unhappiness, acknowledged Wojcik's tactical brilliance.

Still, the players, some parents and his A.D. all report what they call "Jekyll and Hyde" behavior from Wojcik. It's hard to imagine they're all conspiring.

So it appears that there will be a late job opening at an interesting basketball school. If it were us, we'd take a careful look at Gregg Marshall's Wichita assistants. His style would not be unfamiliar at Charleston.

Here's the full report on Wojcik that Charleston is dealing with. You'd be smart not to read it at work.