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With New Information, NCAA Re-Opens UNC Investigation

UNC has consistently tried to finesse the whole business. Now, the university is beginning to see the price of that decision.

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UNC is once again in a very harsh spotlight.
UNC is once again in a very harsh spotlight.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As the UNC investigation is re-opened by the NCAA, the main question is simple: who's talking?

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The NCAA has new information, which has to come from someone.

It could be

It could be investigator Kenneth Wanstein, or information he has turned up. It could be former AFAM chair Julius Nyang’oro, now cooperating. It could be his former assistant, Debbie Crowder. It could be Rashad McCants.

Or it could be someone else entirely.

But someone is talking.

And now, once again, rather than having just dealt with it, rather than being proactive, UNC has this mess running from 2011 until 2014, and odds are it will run into 2015 too.

It's not even close to being over.

And depending on what the NCAA has, and what it can prove, the 2005 and 2008 national basketball championships may be at risk.

It's gotten hard to keep track of everything. Luke DeCock has a column up which kind of runs it down. He also reaches the conclusion that it's not over but rather starting up.