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DBR Columnist Barry Jacobs Stands For Re-election In Orange County

And if you live there, we hope you vote for him.

Voting can be fun if you have a good candidate!
Voting can be fun if you have a good candidate!
Streeter Lecka

As a general principle we don't talk about politics much. So despite what it will look like, as we discuss an election, we're not discussing politics.

We would never dream of telling anyone what to think. That's too much responsibility, too much work and too little fun.

Whatever you think politically, we couldn't care less.

But we can make one minor exception, and that's to talk about Barry Jacobs' run for re-election as an Orange County Commissioner. If you live in Orange County, we would urge you to vote for him.

In the same vein as above, we don't really care what his politics are. That's not the point.

This is: we live in a time of profound disconnect. Our polticians don't listen to us and for the most part, we don't listen to them anymore either.  Cynicism is rampant; corruption is endemic.

So when we have a chance to vote for someone who is honest and principled, we really should take it. A vote is a weapon if used properly, and in this case, it's a chance to support an honest politician (we'll vouch for him if anyone isn't sure). How often do you get a chance to do that? Stick it to the system!

You can trust Barry Jacobs with your vote, your taxes and your county's future. He's an honest man and decent too. He's worthy of your support.