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Embiid's Back Worries GMs

Well what are the doctors saying?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Without question, our favorite aspect of the NBA draft is the gamesmanship.

Teams mount whisper campaigns to drive players down the draft board so that they're available at an appropriate spot.

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That's what we expect is happening with Joel Embiid.

Yes, he's had some back problems, but he's a teenager. His body can be taught to compensate if it's a long-term problem.

Who goes where depends on a team's needs, obviously, so it's impossible to predict anything, least of all before Tuesday's draft lottery.

A lot of people are going to talk about Greg Oden and Sam Bowie, of course. Embiid is not risk free. If his doctors think he'll be okay, and he adopts a proper training program, then isn't the bigger risk in not taking him?