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We'll Take Cameron, Thanks

There's a minor error here but it's part of a larger misconception

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

This article just kind of....well, whatever Mark Weidmer thinks is fine with us, and how Tennessee regulates public/private high school athletics is their affair. But we think he's got an error when he says this: "Beyond that, every time a private school cheering section breaks into the 30-year-old Duke basketball chant, 'That's all right, that's OK, you will work for us one day,' during a loss to a public school, it exacerbates the shrinking civility between the two sides."

Our immediate objection here is that we're not sure we've ever heard that chant at Duke. It's primarily an Ivy League thing, or possibly Stanford.

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Aside from that, contrary to what guys like Weidmer might think, Duke is far more civil than the "other" side. You've never heard the word "faggot" chanted at Cameron as it was at LSU when Christian Laettner was in town. You've never heard the general racial mocking of white players (or players any other ethnicity) that Duke gets on a regular basis. No one's suggested that an opponent's 13-year-old sister is a slut, as happened when JJ Redick played at Maryland.

Despite a reputation forged in the '70s and '80s, Cameron, while intense, is a pretty respectful place.  A game there is much more like Carnival than a gauntlet.