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Donnan Walks

Former Bulldog coach beat the rap

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Former Georgia football coach Jim Donnan, who was on trial along with a man named Greg Crabtree, ran a Ponzi scheme in which Donnan's role was to recruit patsies from the world of coaches and athletes, was found innocent on all counts Saturday.

This case was closely followed by people like Billy Gillispie and Mark Gottfried, both of whom were victimized.

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Donnan, who maintained his innocence, was obviously thrilled to be found not guilty. However, he has lots of fences to mend and his chances of getting back into broadcasting - his post-Georgia career - seem shaky.

This is small beer compared to the issues in the trial and the damages inflicted to the victims, but it's interesting as well. Read this from his statement after the trial:

"Hey listen, I’ve played in front of 80,000 people at Lincoln, Nebraska, played in the Orange Bowl for the national championship, played for the national championship at Marshall, played against Florida every year. Nothing even comes close to approximating that minute when the judge announced the verdict. The apprehension and anxiety was overwhelming."

It's just interesting that he chooses to say he played when, actually of course, he coached. One wonders what role his competitive desire played in all of this.