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Clay Aiken Photographed In UK Sweatshirt

Former American Idol fan is running for office, but in ACC country.

Tuffy can't believe Clay Aiken wore Kentucky togs!
Tuffy can't believe Clay Aiken wore Kentucky togs!
Kevin C. Cox

Although Clay Aiken is new to politics, he should have learned the first lesson already: never make the same mistake the other idiot made. Especially in the same cycle.

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So what does Aiken do? Does he learn from Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell's mistake? No, he does not: campaigning in a conservative district in North Carolina which is primarily filled with State and UNC fans, Aiken gets caught in a Kentucky sweatshirt.

Unlike the Commonwealth of Kentucky, folks in this state are used to rival schools and can handle losing to them. We have to; it happens all the time. Many of us have to go to bed with our spouses still gloating.

It's not nearly as big a faux pas as putting Duke imagery in a political ad in Kentucky.

But a gay Democrat campaigning in a largely Christian and conservative district has little room for error.

Our advice for Aiken: ditch Kentucky and don't pick State or UNC; that'll just make things worse.

And Duke won't help either.

There's really only one choice.

Pick Campbell for your next sweatshirt.