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Media Heat Turning Up For Mark Turgeon

And then there's the fans.

Mark Turgeon is under increasing pressure at Maryland.
Mark Turgeon is under increasing pressure at Maryland.
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Post has an article up on Mark Turgeon's situation at Maryland. The upshot: though he's lost support from a lot of people, he still has his A.D's, and that's the most important person.

But his window is getting smaller quickly, and as the Terps move to the Big Ten, pressures to succeed will only get more intense. Check out the comments from booster Steve Baldwin: "The University of Maryland’s most valuable asset is arguably its men’s basketball program. Everybody in the administration, from the regents to the president to the athletic director, should demand excellence in men’s hoops. It’s time for Maryland to be the top 10 program it should be. And if this administration, from the president to the athletic director to the coaching staff, can’t get it done, then the school needs to consider replacing all of them."

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Not to be unkind about it, but how often since 1980 has Maryland finished a season in the Top Ten?

According to this site, the Terps have appeared in the Top Ten 86 weeks since 1980. That puts them at #28 overall. For a bit of perspective, Stanford is just ahead and Iowa just behind. That's with about  660 opportunities.

Everyone understands Maryland's potential, but only Lefty Driesell and Gary Williams have approached it, and then only briefly.

Nonetheless, it's a shot across the bow and Turgeon, no doubt, recognizes it for exactly what it is.