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Tragedy For The Spiders

Devastating accident kills two.

Lintao Zhang

You can't get much more bizarre, or tragic, than what happened to two members of the University of Richmond women's coaching staff: on a balloon ride, with a highly experienced pilot, the balloon hit a power line. As of Saturday, two bodies had been recovered and the third is presumed dead, although the family still hopes for what they call a miracle.

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A witness heard cries for help: "Please dear God, sweet Jesus, help us. We're going to die. Oh my God, please help us. Please help us."

Being on the balloon would be a nightmare, but being on the ground and having to hear that would haunt you for the rest of your life.

The passengers were associate head coach Ginny Doyle and Natalie Lewis, director of basketball operations.

It's not going to be easy around campus, particularly not with graduation on Sunday.

Here are their bios from the Richmond site and here's an article from the Buffalo News about Lewis.