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Devils Will Play Badgers In ACC-Big Ten Challenge

Maryland will participate, but the ACC should have insisted the Terps be left out, preferably permanently.

Oh, crap, we're getting <i>Duke</i>?
Oh, crap, we're getting Duke?
Tom Pennington

The ACC-Big Ten lineup will be announced later Thursday (see below), and reports that Duke will play Wisconsin at Wisconsin.

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We were really hoping Maryland could be left out, but looks like the Terps will play Virginia, at home no less. They should've gotten something like Miami or Virgina Tech on the road. Why reward it?

On the other hand, the entire roster may leave before that happens, given current woes, and Virginia will likely be a heavy favorite.

Check out what former Terp Will Bowers says about Turgeon, and what he said Gary Williams called him in front of his mother "100 times."

Good Lord. It's bad enough to use the C word in a closed practice, but in front of someone's mother? Repeatedly? There's a limit, for God's sake.

UNC will play Iowa in Chapel Hill, Syracuse will go to Michigan, Louisville hosts Ohio State and Indiana gets Pitt at home.


Here are the official pairings for the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. It's way early, but here's what we see now just based on coaching, program tendencies, and venue:

Florida State, Clemson, Michigan, Louisville, Pitt, Purdue, Miami, Minnesota, Duke, Michigan State, UNC, Virginia, Northwestern, Penn State.

We'd see Pitt/IU, Illinois/Miami, Minnesota/Wake Forest, Georgia Tech/Northwestern and Virginia Tech/Penn State as either toss-ups or games with significant  variables. Who knows what Wake will do for Danny Manning? And the same for Virginia Tech.

We would also note that while Duke usually starts well, Louisville does not. Obviously it's early - the rosters aren't even set. From May though it seems about right.

Monday, December 1

  • Nebraska at Florida State
  • Rutgers at Clemson

Tuesday, December 2

  • No. 21 Syracuse at No. 24 Michigan
  • Ohio State at No. 8 Louisville
  • Pittsburgh at Indiana
  • NC State at Purdue
  • Illinois at Miami
  • Minnesota at Wake Forest

Wednesday, December 3

  • No. 2 Duke at No. 4 Wisconsin
  • No. 18 Michigan State at Notre Dame
  • No. 25 Iowa at No. 6 North Carolina
  • No. 7 Virginia at Maryland
  • Georgia Tech at Northwestern
  • Virginia Tech at Penn State