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Jameis Winston Shoplifts, No Big Deal To Anyone In Tallahassee

Star QB's pattern of bad behavior should embarrass Florida State. There's no sign that it has.

Florida State's Jameis Winston is developing a habit of questionable behavior
Florida State's Jameis Winston is developing a habit of questionable behavior
Kevin C. Cox

At what point do you just declare someone a punk? It's a tough call, and it varies with people and circumstance. No matter how you slice it, though, Jameis Winston is coming perilously close.

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On Tuesday night, Winston walked out of a Publix with $32.73 of crab legs and crawfish.

When the police dropped by later, Winston said he had "forgotten" to pay.

That's a bit hard to swallow. How often do you walk out of a store with goods and just forget you were supposed to pay for them?

It's a minor offense - Winston was not arrested and was told to pay the store back, and a $20 dollar fine, as well as some minor public service. There's also a pre-trial program.

This follows a number of other issues.

A number of windows were shot out by BB guns. Winston and his roommate said FSU players were having a "battle" but they weren't involved. No charges were filed.

On another occasion, he went into a Burger King, asked for a water cup, and repeatedly filled it with soda, despite being asked not to.

The BK declined to press charges.

Most seriously, of course, are the rape allegations made against Winston.

It's possible that he's innocent of all of this, except the shoplifting which he has admitted to, and admittedly, most of it is minor.

The problem, though, is that he's being indulged. The fans are indulging him, by laughing about the shoplifting, the university is indulging him by not taking the pattern of behavior seriously, and the police have indulged him as well.

What that means, most likely, is that it's not the end of his "youthful ignorance."