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UNC's Exploitation?

The never-ending saga

Hey Taxi!
Hey Taxi!
Tom Pennington

UNC keeps trying to escape the entanglements of the scandal which has consumed the athletic department, but as soon as there's any distance, something happens to bring it back front and center.

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This week's highlights are a tweet from Mary Willingham which read:

'05' UNC basketball champs starting 5 +1 took a combined 69 paper classes. truth=transcripts=transparency. A real education= #ncaareform
— Mary Willingham (@paperclassinc) April 7, 2014

Wow. First of all it kind of dings her reputation, doesn't it? She could be right and it still wouldn't be the right thing to do. But it does keep the scandal front and center.

To make matters worse, the Student Athletes Human Rights Project lashed out as well, accusing UNC of exploiting African American athletes.

Given UNC's well-known history of helping with civil rights cases, it's doubly galling and reminds how much the Heels have lost.