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Barry Jacobs On The Unbalanced ACC Schedule

It's a sign of the times, and the ACC will not become a "boutique conference," as Commissioner John Swofford feared, but a lot's been lost along the way.


Barry Jacobs has a column up on the recently released ACC home-and-home matchups and the one-off games.

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It's a truly strange thing, still, to see the league have to do this. We miss the tidy round-robin. In fact, if ESPN does introduce an ACC network, our daydream would be that a full round-robin be restored and duly broadcast. Can you imagine? Duke and Syracuse, Duke and UNC, UNC and Syracuse, Louisville and Virginia, both against the Big Four, and everyone having to go to Littlejohn.

We know, we know - it can't happen, no one wants it, and it'd be unbelievably brutal. It would also cost the ACC in terms of playing outside competition, which is very useful.

But it'd be glorious, an orderly yet riotous procession to March.