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Capel Now Associate Head Coach, Scheyer Promoted To Assistant Coach

Capel is already a tremendous recruiter, as you can see from the inroads Duke has made in Texas. Scheyer's potential as a coach is also imposing.

Jeff Capel urges Duke on in Chapel Hill
Jeff Capel urges Duke on in Chapel Hill

As we mentioned, we were traveling over Easter Weekend and were in a remote area with very limited access. So forgive us for not seeing the news that Jeff Capel has been promoted to associate head coach and Jon Scheyer has moved from a special assistant to an assistant coach.

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Coach K's staff now consists of Capel, Scheyer and Nate James.

K said this about Scheyer: "We are ecstatic about Jon joining the staff. He was one of the great players to play at Duke; a national champion and a captain not that far removed so he adds a youthful exuberance to our staff. His knowledge of the game is incredible. I think he will be a terrific teacher and an outstanding recruiter."