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Two Tar Heel Surprises

Bubba Cunningham is learning the old saw about not pooping where you live, while Diamond DeShields is skipping right on past that and leaving town.

UNC's Diamond DeShields bails on UNC.
UNC's Diamond DeShields bails on UNC.
Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Two interesting stories out of Chapel Hill: the first is a Barry Jacobs piece about Bubba Cunningham and his moves to revitalize the UNC athletic department.

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One thing which is clear after reading this is the difficulty of changing cultures. Cunningham's take on UNC's culture may or may not be the right one, but the people who have been there clearly have a particular mindset.

Secondly, Diamond DeShields, who had a freakishly good freshman year, is leaving UNC with no public  explanation. Sylvia Hatchell sounds utterly baffled.