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ACC Coaching Roster For 2014-15 Men's Season

It's going to be a very, very interesting year

Louisville's Rick Pitino will challenge the traditional ACC dominance of Duke and North Carolina
Louisville's Rick Pitino will challenge the traditional ACC dominance of Duke and North Carolina
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the dust has settled, and one in five ACC programs has a new men's basketball coach, the roster is a bit younger and more diverse in a number of respects.

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Jim Christian at Boston College and Brent "Buzz" Williams at Virginia Tech are a few years younger than the men they replaced. Danny Manning is 13 years younger than his predecessor.

Christian was born within the ACC's expanded footprint, replacing a Pennsylvanian with a New Yorker. There are four New Yorkers now coaching in the ACC, more than any other state. Illinois and North Carolina are next with two each.

Eight of 15 men's coaches were born within the conference's current reach.

Virginia Tech's Williams, the ACC's second Williams (after Roy at UNC), hails from Greenville, but not the one in North Carolina or South Carolina. He's from Texas, a bit beyond the reach of the contemporary ACC. At 41, he replaces Tony Bennett as the league's youngest coach.

North Carolina's Williams and Syracuse's Jim Boeheim, the league's oldest coach, are the only men working at their alma maters.

Manning, who grew up in Greensboro, N.C., was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. His father, Ed, attended Jackson State in the state capital, Jackson, and played from 1968 through 1975 in the NBA.

Danny Manning is the only coach in the league who played on a national championship squad, at Kansas in 1988. He's also one of two African-Americans on the ACC sidelines along with FSU's Leonard Hamilton. A little more than a half-decade ago, the majority of ACC coaches were black.

More ACC coaches were born in the fall than any other season (5) and more in November than any other month (3). April and July are the only months in which a current ACC coach was not born.

ACC Coaching Roster For 2014-15 Men's Season
Jim Christian, BC February 6, 1965 49 New York
Brad Brownell, C November 15, 1968 45 Indiana
Mike Krzyzewski, D February 13, 1947 67 Illinois
Leonard Hamilton, FS August 4, 1948 65 North Carolina
Brian Gregory, GT December 15, 1966 47 Illinois
Rick Pitino, UL* September 18, 1952 61 New York
Jim Larranaga, Mi October 2, 1949 64 New York
Roy Williams, NC August 1, 1950 63 North Carolina
Mark Gottfried, NS January 20, 1964 50 Ohio
Mike Brey, ND March 22, 1959 55 Maryland
Jamie Dixon, Pitt November 10, 1965 48 California
Jim Boeheim, SU November 17, 1944 69 New York
Tony Bennett, V June 1, 1969 44 Wisconsin
Brent "Buzz" Williams, VT September 1, 1972 41 Texas
Danny Manning, WF May 17, 1966 47 Mississippi
* School arrives for 2014-15 season.
NOTE: Age as of April 2014.