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Parker: I Don't Know Yet

In response to the inevitable NBA questions, but unlike most guys in his position, he seems to be sincere.

Wherever he is next year, Jabari Parker wants to learn.
Wherever he is next year, Jabari Parker wants to learn.
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Quite intentionally we've really stayed away from Jabari Parker draft speculation.  Who needs to pile on? There's always time for that after the season.

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Parker himself addressed it, saying that he would decide based on where he felt he could grow the most.

That seems about right.

Our impression of Parker is that he's a different sort of guy. We got that during the recruiting process when he discounted his visit to Duke as not that great, but realized that it would be the best place for him to grow as a basketball player and a young man.

Who thinks like that at 17?

He's a little different in a really nice way.

It's his decision to make, and his alone. But it's worth remembering the recent Sports Illustrated story where it was pretty clear that Parker was soaking up knowledge from Coach K. Will he get that next year?

Right now, the lottery teams would be Milwaukee, Philly, Orlando, L.A., Boston, Utah, Sacramento, Denver, Cleveland, Detroit, New Orleans, Minnesota (two picks) and Memphis.

Out of that group, from our perspective anyway, the only coach we'd want to learn from would be Brad Stevens.

But that's just our opinion and it's irrelevant and not nearly as nuanced as Parker's will be.

One things that's not really been mentioned somehow is that when he was discussing his options, Parker didn't mention a possible Mormon mission. So apparently that's out.