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A Louisville He Said/He Said

Recruiting: Soap opera for guys.

Rick Pitino working the sidelines
Rick Pitino working the sidelines
Joe Robbins

With Louisville at the ACC on-ramp, why not indulge a bit of controversy?

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Cards coach Rick Pitino and Trey Lyles' dad, Tom, have a disagreement about some comments Pitino and staff may or may not have made about young Lyles being a one-and-done player.

Pitino told Dan Patrick that he told Lyles to wait and see what the pros thought, while Lyles' dad said Pitino assistant Kevin Keatts pushed the idea of Lyles as a one-and-done which would ease the "stigma" of Pitino not having any one-and-dones.

That's a stigma?

Anyway, at least two things are possible here: first that Keatts may have pushed more aggressively than Pitino and the King of Louisville might not be aware of what he said.

And second that Pitino might have said something that only lasted, say, 15 seconds and simply wasn't that memorable.