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New Polls Out & A Look At Bracketology

Still lots to sort out before bids go out.

The Blue Devils are ready to move onto post-season play
The Blue Devils are ready to move onto post-season play
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

The new polls are out and Virginia took a huge jump, all the way from #11 AP to #5. Duke is up to #4, Syracuse down to #7, and UNC up to #14. That's three ACC teams in the Top Ten and four in the Top 15.

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In the coach's poll, Syracuse is #5, Duke #7, Virginia #11 and UNC is #21.

Bracketology is growing interesting: Joe Lunardi currently has Duke #2 in the South, opening against NCCU. Incidentally, Central got a vote in the AP Poll, which is the first time we can remember that happening. It's a very solid team and one of which to be wary.

UNC is #5 in the South, opening with Tommy Amaker's Harvard (Johnny Dawkins and Stanford are also in as the #10 seed in the West).

UNC faces a defensive battle in the second round, assuming both advance, with Cincinnati.

If Duke advances, a rematch with VCU awaits.

Pitt is pegged at #9 in the MidWest, opening with K-State. Great game for Virginia, as the #3 Cavs open with the racehorses from Belmont. That should be a really interesting matchup.

#2 Syracuse is in the East, opening with Boston University and facing, potentially, UConn in the second round.

This is all hypothetical, of course, but very interesting.

SBNation's Chris Dobbertean has Pitt and K-State playing, but in the South.

He has Duke as #2 in the West, opening with Dunk City, aka FGCU.

#5 UNC opens with Harvard, as Lunardi sees it, but in the MidWest.

Under his scenario, Virginia would be #3 in the South and open with Delaware.

Obviously lots of that is just speculation. Belmont has to win the OVC Tournament to get in.

One team to keep an eye on: Davidson has really been good from three point range and are as always brilliantly coached by Bob McKillop. Nobody wants them as a first game.