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ACC Roundup

Maryland's season of pain continues.

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Usually reliable in the second half, Dez Wells fell short at Clemson
Usually reliable in the second half, Dez Wells fell short at Clemson
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of the season, it wasn't at all clear how Maryland's farewell tour would play out. As it's unfolded though, two things have characterized Maryland's games:

Monday's Games
Teams Times TV
Notre Dame vs. UNC 7:00 ESPN
NC State vs. Pitt 9:00 ESPNU
Sunday's Results
  • Clemson 77 Maryland 73
  • FSU 81 Georgia Tech 71
#12 Virginia 16-1 -- 25-5
#4 Syracuse 13-3 2.5 26-3
#6 Duke 12-4 3.5 23-6
#19 North Carolina 12-4 3.5 22-7
Pittsburgh 10-6 5.5 22-7
Clemson 9-7 6.5 18-10
Florida State 8-8 7.5 17-11
North Carolina State 7-9 8.5 17-12
Maryland 7-9 8.5 15-14
Miami (FL) 6-10 9.5 15-14
Notre Dame 6-11 10 15-15
Wake Forest 5-11 10.5 15-14
Georgia Tech 4-12 11.5 13-16
Boston College 4-12 11.5 8-21
Virginia Tech 2-14 13.5 9-19
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1) the ACC taunt

2) a painfully close loss for Maryland.

We're not sure that Clemson fans had the opportunity to whip out the taunt/cheer, but Maryland suffered yet another soul crushing ACC loss.

It took double overtime, but Clemson finally managed to send Maryland home with nothing but frustration.

KJ McDaniels was phenomenal. He finished with 26 points, 14 boards, three assists and six blocks.

For Maryland, it was the third brutally painful loss in four games (Duke, Syracuse and now Clemson).

Two ACC regular season games left for the Terps, as Virginia Tech and Virginia visit. It's tempting to say that the Tech game should be easy, but given the recent improvement shown by the Hokies, there are no guarantees.

Florida State kept slim tournament hopes alive with a victory over Georgia Tech. Devin Booker got 16 off the bench and Okaro White added 18.

Like Maryland, or Wake Forest, the Yellow Jackets have hit a losing streak, winning just once in the last six games.

Two games on Monday as Notre Dame visits UNC and State is off to Pitt. We wouldn't rule out an upset in either case.