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Honeymooning In Tucson

Sean Miller's Facial Contortions Bring The Great One To Mind

Sean Miller working the sideline
Sean Miller working the sideline

Over the last several months, we've seen a bunch of pictures of Arizona's Sean Miller and they invariably made us think: Ralph Kramden.

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Miller has a comically flexible face and at times it's just as if he's channeling Jackie Gleason.

  • Image 1 - You, Alice, are looking at a King. A King, Alice!
  • Image 2 - I'm warning you, Norton
  • Image 3 - It's a strike! A strike, Norton! A perfect game!
  • Image 4 - It's pure Kramden
  • Image 5 - It's pure Miller
  • Image 6 - Terrible call ref!

On a more serious note, after some rocky times when Lute Olson was going and coming and going again, and a couple of interim guys who had a tough job, Arizona has done a brilliant job of maintaining an elite program after a transition. Hats off to Miller.

Or maybe bus caps.