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Friday's Notes

Wow, Dayton!

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What, me worry?
What, me worry?
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Dayton continues to impress as the Flyers flew past Stanford, winning 82-72 and being in control most of the way. Congratulations to Archie Miller, whose stock is rising faster than helium. A lot of schools are going to make a run at him in the next few weeks, despite the fact that he just signed an extension.

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Miller, who has said he really loves Raleigh, might end up back in the Triangle some day. But for now he seems happy at Dayton, which is only about four hours from his hometown. The A-10 is a solid league, and Dayton is a smaller, Catholic school which might suit him.

Or he might want a bigger platform like his brother, Sean.

Dayton will get Florida next, and if the Flyers win that, then the winner of Virginia-Michigan State.

Arizona survived San Diego State to advance in the West, and whatever you might say about Steve Fisher's time with the Fab Five, his turn at SDSU has been simply brilliant. Who ever thought the Aztecs could go toe to toe with the best of the PAC-12? It's amazing.

Arizona will get Wisconsin as the Badgers beat Baylor. We thought the Bears might have enough athleticism to overcome their institutional lack of smarts, but alas, no. Should've known better than that.

On Friday, there is a distinct undercard: Iowa State and UConn play early, then Virginia and Michigan State get the nightcap. It's reflected in the West, where Michigan and Tennessee are unquestionably the warmup act for Kentucky and Louisville. That's going to be a huge game.

Either way, we'd enjoy seeing the winner take on Michigan. That's a really fun prospect.

There's no news from the BC search, other than this: according to, A.D. Brad Bates met with Niagara coach Mark Schmidt, which didn't go over to well with Interuptus.

In fact, it led to a near meltdown.

Even if the A list is out and Schmidt - a BC grad by the way - don't work out, there are other possibilities.

Jimmy Patsos, a former Gary Williams assistant, has shown promise. Marvin Menzies has done a nice job at New Mexico State.

We doubt anyone in the ACC is big on Herb Sendek, or vice-versa, but he does have a habit of pumping out pretty good assistants. So: Eric Musselman?

There are plenty of others, both head coaches and assistants. It's probably way too early for this, and it's probably too risky for BC, but we've always seen Greg Paulus as a future great coach. He already knows the ACC and has immense potential.

He's probably too young and unproven, but someone is going to hire him eventually and he'll be superb. It would be interesting if a major program took a chance.

Despite a brief boomlet, Shaka Smart is not going to Marquette. That means he's potentially on the radar for Wake Forest, but if he wants to return to the Midwest, as has been suggested from time to time, Wake's a detour, not a destination.