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Duke Gets Commitment From Luke Kennard

A Major Addition

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Coach K And Wojo Made A Big Impression
Coach K And Wojo Made A Big Impression

In 1979, Duke pulled off what many considered a recruiting miracle: the Blue Devils went into Lexington and got hghly regarded Vince Taylor out from under Kentucky's nose.

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Nineteen years earlier, the Devils got another great guard out of Lexington when Jeff Mullins stunned Adolph Rupp and signed with the upstart program Vic Bubas was building.

Luke Kennard does not live in Lexington. But he was raised, in Ohio, by a committed Kentucky fan and earlier this year, he and his father both sounded as if Kentucky was the team to beat.

Apparently not: on Monday, Kennard, a junior and the reigning Mr. Basketball in Ohio, committed to Duke.

It's not quite as big a coup, but Kennard is a tremendous offensive performer: he averaged 40 points, 10 rebounds and four assists per game.

Kennard said after his press conference that "[b]eing around Coach K and the players – how the program was ran – I could tell it was a very special place and I could see myself fitting in there. I felt at peace with my decision. Duke was the best fit for me."

Kennard has a 4.3 GPA as well. He should be a great fit for Duke.