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Thursday Notes

Check out the Bilas interview.

Jay Bilas really let Wake fans have it Wednesday
Jay Bilas really let Wake fans have it Wednesday

We haven't seen anything yet about the Virginia Tech job, but Tommy Amaker is trying to tamp down speculation about the BC position, saying that "I don’t ever comment on other jobs or positions and I’m fortunate to have the one that I have. I’ve been on the other side of not having a job and having lost a job, so I’m always sensitive to coaches and people and programs that go through those unfortunate situations.

"I certainly know Steve and his family are dealing with that. I only comment on the job that I have and I am very proud to be representing Harvard."

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Reasonably well stated regardless of his interest or lack thereof.

On the other coast, Johnny Dawkins says he doesn't feel vindicated after making the tournament. If anything, he should get credit for getting through a season of injuries and adversity and still making the field. That's a real accomplishment.

After playing last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, State flew quickly to Dayton, where the Pack played Tuesday. Immediately afterwards, the team flew to Orlando, where the plane was due in after 4:00 a.m.

A mild suggestion to the committee? Why not have the play-in teams (let's be honest and no offense to State) play in the cities where the winner will play? This sort of travel is not only grossly unfair, it's also bound to impact academics. It's ridiculous.

We caught a few minutes of Jay Bilas on Dave Glenn's show Wednesday. Bilas is never scared to speak his mind, but at times he works hard to be diplomatic. Other times, not so much.

Wednesday was not so much.

Bilas ripped into the Wake Forest fan base for its wretched treatment of Jeff Bzdelik.

We'll freely admit to going back and forth on Bzdelik. We thought he deserved this year and that Wake would be much more successful. They weren't, and we thought he would be fired rather quickly. But he hasn't been.

A.D. Ron Wellman has been in his corner and Bilas had some very positive things to say about Bzdelik as a coach and a man.  You want to fire him, fine, he said (we're paraphrasing). You have that right.

But he drew the line at the belligerent Demon Deacons fans who have campaigned so bitterly against Bzdelik, arguing essentially that it was wildly out of character and was hurting not the coach but the team and the school's image.

It was a pretty damning indictment and we've made similar points before ourselves. Wake fans...we just had no idea they could be this ugly.

A few years ago, Wellman came away from a Nebraska football game highly impressed with how well-mannered the Husker fans were and wanted to steer Wake in a similar direction. It's gone completely the opposite way, which is really a shame. And shameful.