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ACC Moves On Apple TV

Real estate is valuable and it's smart to get it early.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford makes another interesting move
ACC Commissioner John Swofford makes another interesting move
Jason Szenes

It's nice to see the ACC get out in front for a change: the conference struck a deal with Apple to put an ACC app on Apple TV. It won't deal with games - those are all under contract - but it's still pretty cool. We'll get highlights, analysis and some classic games.

This came about partly because Apple's Tim Cook and Eddy Cue are Duke guys and helped to make it happen (it'd be an amazing revelation if they read this site. Drop us a line guys!)

It's a wedge, and if the conference really wants to do innovative stuff -and it should - it won't limit itself to the things mentioned above.

There are a lot of thing that could be done including playing with analytics.

You could do a sort of Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment of the Vault games, or you could merge that with Sportswriters on (Apple) TV by having old ACC hands like Al Featherston and Barry Jacobs riff on Christian Laettner, Len Bias, Michael Jordan, or whoever.

For that matter, you could have a retired referee in to discuss controversial calls and the reasoning behind them.

The main thing is not to sit still and do a stupid, bland corporate shill for the conference. Nurture it.

By the way, there's a lot of talk about Apple TV and what it might mean or how it might be put together. Most of the ideas seem to revolve around either an enhanced hockey puck style box like Apple has now, which is pretty cool actually, or a full-fledged television set but reimagined.

But what about this? What if Apple builds a similar box to what the company has now but with a projector and high quality wireless audio built in? What if you brought home a box the size of a small wall clock, some free standing speakers, and turned it on and it worked with no setup?

You could make things really interesting by working a deal with Aereo and getting sports that way.

Just a thought.