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Amazon Ends NC Ban On Affiliate Sites

About time too.

Like Kyrie Irving, Amazon always delivers
Like Kyrie Irving, Amazon always delivers
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

As some of you will remember, we previously had an affiliate relationship with Amazon. That was suspended when the state of North Carolina and Amazon got into a tax dispute.

For them, it was just a fight. For us, it hurt a little. We had a small but steady stream of income which was enough to buy basic office equipment - things like routers, keyboards, sim cards and the like.

If you shop Amazon, please start here and help DBR

After the dispute was resolved recently, Amazon wrote to tell us that the affiliate program was available in this state again. So we're pleased to be able to bring it back.

We'd like to ask one simple favor for everyone who shops Amazon: start shopping on DBR where you see the Amazon box. It won't change anything for you at all, won't cost you any effort or money, but for us it can make a difference.