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ACC Roundup

It's been a long year for Ol' Roy Williams.

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Roy Williams showing patience on the sideline
Roy Williams showing patience on the sideline
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

An abbreviated ACC Roundup for Saturday:

Saturday's Games
Teams Times TV
Virginia vs. Georgia Tech 12:00 ACCN
Virginia Tech vs. Pitt 12:00 RSN
UNC vs. Notre Dame 12:00 ACCN
NC State vs. Miami 2:00 RSN
FSU vs. Maryland 3:00 ESPN2
Duke vs. BC 6:00 ESPN
#1 Syracuse 9-0 -- 22-0
#20 Virginia 9-1 .5 18-5
#11 Duke 7-3 2.5 18-5
#25 Pittsburgh 7-3 2.5 19-4
Clemson 6-3 3 15-6
North Carolina 5-4 4 15-7
Florida State 5-5 4.5 14-8
Maryland 5-5 4.5 13-10
North Carolina State 4-5 5 14-8
Wake Forest 4-6 5.5 14-9
Georgia Tech 3-7 6.5 12-11
Notre Dame 3-7 6.5 12-11
Miami (FL) 2-7 7 11-11
Boston College 2-7 7 6-16
Virginia Tech 1-9 8.5 8-14
ACC Stats
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Six ACC games Sunday as Virginia visits Georgia Tech, the Hokies go to Pitt, UNC visits Notre Dame, State tries Miami and FSU makes the final road trip to Maryland.

Nothing exceptional here but we'll take Virginia, Pitt, UNC Miami and FSU.

Barry Jacobs tells us it's been a tough year for Roy Williams, and no doubt it has. Ol' Roy is going to push through though and keep on keeping on.

An interesting note here: Dean Smith told Roy he retired too soon and for Roy not to make the same mistake. Who knew?

One thing to watch for Sunday is Malcolm Brogdon playing in his hometown of Atlanta. As Seth Curry showed us, powerful emotions can have a positive or negative impact.