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Kentucky's New Recruiting Focus Makes A Difference

UK football, unable to draw southern talent, is now looking to Ohio. And that is a problem for some schools, including Maryland.

Maryland Terrapins helmets farewell at Byrd Stadium
Maryland Terrapins helmets farewell at Byrd Stadium
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Here's an interesting article on, of all things, Kentucky football recruiting. According to this, UK has shifted its recruiting focus more to the North and specifically Ohio as the Wildcats are having trouble recruiting the south against more football-oriented SEC schools.

Kentucky is targeting second tier talent in Ohio and while that's no problem for Ohio State and Michigan, it's presenting significant competition for other Big Ten schools.

The point? Well, the SEC is already recruiting as far north as Maryland on a regular basis. The Big Ten and the SEC are recruiting well in Kentucky and Ohio. Pitt and Penn State do a solid job in Pennsylvania. Virginia has tons of talent which the SEC, ACC and Big Ten fight over.

So given the fierce competition for talent and the elevated level of competition on the field, not to mention the worst facilities in the conference, how does Maryland compete in Big Ten football?