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ACC Roundup

A quick look at RPI and KenPom rankings as the post-season starts to take form.

Syracuse is in first place, but Joe Harris and Virginia may have the best path to the ACC regular season title.
Syracuse is in first place, but Joe Harris and Virginia may have the best path to the ACC regular season title.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There's not a lot going on in the conference so let's take quick look at the RPI and the rankings.

No Friday Games
#1 Syracuse 9-0 -- 22-0
#20 Virginia 9-1 .5 18-5
#11 Duke 7-3 2.5 18-5
#25 Pittsburgh 7-3 2.5 19-4
Clemson 6-3 3 15-6
North Carolina 5-4 4 15-7
Florida State 5-5 4.5 14-8
Maryland 5-5 4.5 13-10
North Carolina State 4-5 5 14-8
Wake Forest 4-6 5.5 14-9
Georgia Tech 3-7 6.5 12-11
Notre Dame 3-7 6.5 12-11
Miami (FL) 2-7 7 11-11
Boston College 2-7 7 6-16
Virginia Tech 1-9 8.5 8-14
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RPI first:

3. Syracuse

11. Duke

16. Virginia

26. Pitt

40. FSU

42. UNC

61. NC State

68. Maryland

71. Clemson

82. Wake Forest

97. Miami

116. Notre Dame

138. Georgia Tech

179. Boston College

225. Virginia Tech

Now KenPom:

2. Duke

4. Syracuse

10. Virginia

13. Pitt

28. FSU

30. UNC

47. Clemson

67. Maryland

75. Miami

78. Notre Dame

87. NC State

103. Wake Forest

113. Georgia Tech

146. Boston College

219. Virginia Tech

At this point, assuming UNC continues to improve, we're reasonably looking at six NCAA bids. has its take on the at-large field and has Duke as the third at-large (Johnny Dawkins' Stanford is 25th).

The paper assumes that Syracuse will finish first although in another column Mike Waters points out that now that the introductory special is over, Syracuse's ACC schedule will be much tougher. If one were inclined to bet, one might make book on Virginia. The Cavs are playing as well as anyone and are just a game behind.

Syracuse still has to go to Pitt, Duke, Maryland, Virginia and Florida State. The Maryland and Virginia games are both on the road and are a Saturday-Monday turnaround.

Duke still has both games with UNC, and only a fool would assume two wins. Syracuse won't be easy either, obviously.

Pitt still has games with Syracuse, UNC, FSU, and Clemson, among others.

So the smart money's on Virginia - if the 'Hoos can handle Syracuse at home, the rest is well within reach.