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UNC Auction Updates - The Best Prices Online We've Seen

In his book, Will Blythe called it the most wonderful hate. We call a game here nearly paradise. And you can still join us.

Everyone is waiting for you to bid!
Everyone is waiting for you to bid!
Grant Halverson

We know that as we type these words, there are people who are looking desperately for tickets to the Duke-UNC rematch in Cameron next Saturday. As the secondary market stands now, tickets on StubHub are going for as much as $1,600.


Latest StubHub prices as of 1:33 Thursday- Ouch!!

  • Sec. 14: 6 tickets --- one or 2 at $2245 each; one or 2 at $2425 each; and one or 2 at $2477 each.
  • Sec 8: 10 tickets---- one or 2 at $1666 each; one or 2 at $1704 each; one or 2 at $2271 each; one or 2 at $2524 each; and one or 2 at $3089 each.

But we have a better deal, and one you can actually justify, since the funds go to charity and may be tax deductible:

We have two auctions currently for Duke-UNC tickets. The first pair, expiring March 1st, are in Section 8, Row G, and are currently at $960. That's on Crazy Towel Guy side, above the benches. The proceeds will go to Triangle Day School.

The second pair is in Section 14, Row H, and are just about on the foul line on the visitor's side. That's Candy Man's side, with a view of the benches.

That pair is currently at $910, and the proceeds go to Fuqua to the Walter and Marjorie Manley Scholarship.

As you've probably noticed, and certainly after the State game, Carolina is on a roll. But Duke is playing well, too. If neither team loses, then the game will settle third place in the conference tournament.

But that's not really that big of a deal. Both teams are going to get byes. What is a big deal is that this game is Duke's chance for payback for the Chapel Hill loss. Cameron is going to alive, voracious and loud enough to damage the hearing of your future children or grandchildren.

Noam Chomsky says that being in that sort of environment is training people for hyper nationalism. But he's never been and has no idea what he's talking about or missing.

He's wrong about it anyway.

It's our Carnival time, our Mardi Gras, our great celebration of a way of life here in North Carolina. We prefer Tom Wolfe's description of Cameron as a Colonial Animal, an organism with different parts acting in concert.

The rest of the nation has long since caught on to just how special it is, and the great news is that you have a chance to be part of it, and to do good at the same time.

You really can't go wrong here - you get to see a great UNC smackdown and do some good in the world. And have a ton of fun along the way, because unlike UNC, we don't have to have a massive snow event to guarantee a passionate crowd. We get that for exhibition games.

A word of advice to the prospective winners: make a day out of it. Come a few hours early, mingle outside, then go in, sit down, and absorb the atmosphere for an hour or so before game time. If you've been, you'll know what we mean. If you haven't been, you'll never forget it.

And you might even get to write it off (check with your accountant first to make sure).

So what are you waiting for? Bid on these excellent seats, buy some seatbelts, and get your butt in Cameron for the greatest rivalry in all sports. See you there!