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ACC Roundup

BC pulls a jaw-dropping upset at Syracuse.

Feb 19, 2014; Syracuse, NY, USA; The Boston College Eagles bench celebrates after beating the Syracuse Orange at the Carrier Dome 62-59 in overtime
Feb 19, 2014; Syracuse, NY, USA; The Boston College Eagles bench celebrates after beating the Syracuse Orange at the Carrier Dome 62-59 in overtime
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. What else is there to say after 6-19 pulled off the shocker of the college basketball season in upsetting Syracuse at home?

Thursday's Game
Teams Times TV
Duke vs. UNC 9:00 ESPN
Wednesday's Results
  • BC 62 Syracuse 59
  • Miami 71 Notre Dame 64
#13 Virginia 13-1 22-5
#1 Syracuse 12-1 25-1
#6 Duke 10-3 21-5
North Carolina 8-4 18-7
Pittsburgh 8-5 20-6
Clemson 7-6 16-9
Maryland 7-7 15-12
North Carolina State 6-7 16-10
Florida State 6-8 15-11
Notre Dame 5-9 14-13
Wake Forest 4-9 14-12
Miami (FL) 4-9 13-13
Georgia Tech 4-9 13-13
Boston College 3-10 7-19
Virginia Tech 2-11 9-16
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It was a stunner to say the least, but as we point out from time to time, basketball is an emotional game and when you have a group that really plays together with purpose and commitment, you just can't rule them out.

So it was at BC, where SID Dick Kelley passed away this past Thursday after a brave fight against Lou Gehrig's Disease. He was buried on Tuesday and you could perhaps see this remarkable overtime win as the team's tribute to someone who obviously generated great loyalty.

It complicates life for Syracuse somewhat. Cruising along at 25-0, the Orange had had its way with the ACC. Things are a bit different now.

Duke looms on Saturday. If the Devils win at UNC, they'll be pumped. If they lose, they'll be really focused.

Syracuse still has to go to Virginia and Maryland, where the Terps seem to be viewing Syracuse as a Duke surrogate.

Syracuse can still prevail, to be sure. But the difference between the ACC and the Big East to us has always been this: in the Big East, the bottom teams were rarely competitive, and the chances of, say, DePaul or Rutgers competing with Louisville, Syracuse or UConn were minimal.

In the ACC, there are upsets like that almost every year. Clemson can't win in Chapel Hill, but the Heels (and Duke) know Littlejohn is a major pit. Wake beat Miami last year when the 'Canes were rolling. Just Tuesday, Virginia barely survived Virginia Tech and this weekend, State came within a whisker of doing what BC did in the Carrier Dome.

What's even more difficult is when there's a perception of vulnerability.

If people feel like Syracuse can be had, then teams like Georgia Tech and Florida State are emboldened.

And that, Syracuse fans, is why you can't count your Oranges until they're plucked.

In the night's other game, in another lesson in ACC ruthlessness, Miami knocked off Notre Dame, 71-64.

As you may remember, very early in the ACC season, before Jerian Grant was booted, Miami, along with Syracuse and Pitt,were sort of pitched as taking over the ACC.

Notre Dame gets a bit of a pass because of Grant, but still, the Irish have some talent beyond him. It's just been a very disappointing season.

As for Pitt, the Panthers close out with FSU, at BC, at Notre Dame, State and in what should be a fascinating rematch, Clemson. It's not over for them but another drop in the standings is still possible.