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Duke 68 Georgia Tech 51

Never really threatened.

Scott Cunningham

There was a time when games between Duke and Georgia Tech were among the most hotly anticipated games in the ACC. That time may come again. But it's not happening right now.

Duke didn't get much trouble from a group of Yellow Jackets limited by injuries. But that's not fair to Duke, because Duke took it to Tech.

Tech only had 13 turnovers, but it seemed like a lot more. Duke was constantly pushing, harassing ballhandlers and passers. The start of the game was a blitz for Georgia Tech, and the play-by-play reflects it. Check out the action before the first media timeout: Turnover, 3, foul, turnover, miss, miss, foul, missed 3.

Duke basically walked in with a 2x4 and laid down the law, and the Yellow Jackets were not strong enough to fight back.

In a brilliant offensive exhibition, Duke shot 58.6% in the first half and nearly 60% from three point range.

It never seemed like Tech had a chance, but if there were a chance it was when the Yellow Jackets were down 52-40 with 10:18 left. If it was a healthier team, who knows? One more scorer and it could have gotten interesting.

But Duke just pushed the lead back out again.

Duke had just five turnovers for the game, which also made it hard for Tech to get back into it.

Quinn Cook seemed to get his mojo back in this game, scoring nine and moving well within the flow of the offense.

Jabari Parker had another solid game, with 16 points and 14 rebounds. After the game, Tech coach Brian Gregory said that "[u]nless you have a strong chest in front of him, you have no chance. No chance. There's no question what he's going to do when he gets the ball.

"The way he drives, it's impossible not to have contact. It's a foul every time."

If you want to find something to worry about, maybe Rodney Hood's effectiveness? He hasn't gotten to .500 from the floor since the Pitt game and hasn't topped .333 in his last four outings.

You could also point to free throw shooting, which was just .500 here. In a tight game, that could be fatal.

Otherwise, though, there's little to complain about.

With Georgia Tech out of the way, attention can now turn fully to the rescheduled game with UNC. It is a road game of course, but the trip is nothing. It'd be a lot worse to go to Syracuse and fly back to the Triangle for a Saturday game.

Nonetheless, this is not the same UNC team we saw earlier in the season. Brice Johnson and Kennedy Meeks are emerging and JP Tokoto is much improved.

It's not going to be easy. The good news? Duke won't be worn out after the Tech game.