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News Flash: Terps Were Screwed By Officials

The same old song: somebody did this to us.

Cameron Crazies Say Goodbye To Maryland
Cameron Crazies Say Goodbye To Maryland
Grant Halverson

After the Maryland game, before leaving Cameron, we privately predicted that a conspiracy theory was coming. And here it is!

We forgot to tape this game and can't see it. We do note though that ESPN's play-by-play doesn't note a jump ball at 6:39.

But more to the point, you can either make your own luck or be a victim.

Maryland had a three point lead with 2:50 left. Here's the full run down of Maryland's possessions after that:

  1. 2:11: Foul on Jake Layman
  2. 1:42: Dez Wells turnover
  3. 0:56: Dez Wells missed jumper
  4. 0:06: Maryland offensive rebound
  5. 0:06: Charles Mitchell missed jumper
  6. 0:02: Charles Mitchell missed jumper
  7. 0:02 Dez Wells defensive rebound
  8. 0:01 Foul on Dez Wells

That doesn't count that Jake Wells chose to defend the three when Jabari Parker drove to dunk, nor does it count that no one rotated over to help in time.

It also doesn't factor in that on his final shot, Charles Mitchell shot a fade away jump hook over Rodney Hood, a player who he has a vast power advantage over, and a guy who was playing with four fouls.

As it turns out, the conference confirmed the error. But that wasn't responsible for Maryland's failure to score in the last 2:50 of the game. The Blue Devils made their own luck.

We aren't in position to look at the game, but even if they  blew a jump ball, no one made Wells turn the ball over, no one made Layman make a critical defensive mistake, and no one made Mitchell make his shot harder by jumping away from the basket.

It's the same as it ever was: nothing is ever Maryland's fault. Every bad thing that happens to them is done to them.

Enjoy it, Big Ten. No amount of money is worth the endless whining.