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ACC Roundup

Big games in Durham and Chapel Hill to highlight the ACC's Saturday. State will now play Syracuse at 7:00 due to travel issues.

Lamar Patterson is key to hopes for a Pitt win in Chapel Hill
Lamar Patterson is key to hopes for a Pitt win in Chapel Hill
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

It's a busy Saturday around the league with some great matchups. Virginia and Clemson where both teams might be lucky to top 45. State treks up to Syracuse with tales of snow woe Orange fans will find amusing (apparently the storm which hit the Triangle was named - and it was Pax. How cool is that?)

Miami will visit, and most likely defeat, Virginia Tech while Florida State and Wake Forest collide in Winston with nearly identical records.

But the headliner is UNC-Pitt, and whoever wins will help Duke.

Saturday's Games
Teams Times TV
Virginia vs. Clemson 12:00 ESPN2
Pitt vs. UNC 1:00 CBS
NC State vs. Syracuse

3:00 7:00

Maryland vs. Duke 6:00 ESPN
Miami vs. Virginia Tech 6:00 RSN
FSU vs. Wake Forest 8:00 RSN
#1 Syracuse 11-0 -- 24-0
#17 Virginia 11-1 .5 20-5
#8 Duke 8-3 3 19-5
#25 Pittsburgh 8-4 3.5 20-5
North Carolina 6-4 4.5 16-7
North Carolina State 6-5 5 16-8
Clemson 6-5 5 15-8
Maryland 6-6 5.5 14-11
Florida State 5-7 6.5 14-10
Wake Forest 4-7 7 14-10
Notre Dame 4-8 7.5 13-12
Miami (FL) 3-8 8 12-12
Georgia Tech 3-8 8 12-12
Boston College 2-8 8.5 6-17
Virginia Tech 1-10 10 8-15
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Both teams have four losses, so whoever comes up short Saturday will have that much more ground to make up.

That aside, it should be a very good game. UNC has improved a good bit and Pitt is a hardnosed team that doesn't back down much. Should be fun.

You could say a lot of things about Virginia playing at Clemson but fun might not be the first word you reach for. Intense, hard nosed, passionate, yes, but fun? Not much.

Don't rule out a Clemson upset here, and importantly, the Tigers could really use this win.

By the same token, don't count on one from State. We admire the guttiness of this team, but the odds of an upset are pretty low.

Miami and Virginia Tech won't make for good TV, so good thing it'll be limited. And we really don't know what to think about FSU and Wake Forest. Both teams are underperforming, though Wake played inspired ball in Durham before Duke crushed them.