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ACC Roundup

Georgia Tech gets a thrilling win.

Brian Gregory, unhappy during the Virginia game. Presumably he was happier after beating BC Sunday night.
Brian Gregory, unhappy during the Virginia game. Presumably he was happier after beating BC Sunday night.
Scott Cunningham

The great thing about basketball in general, and a really cool thing about the ACC in particular, is that every so often, a team just rises up and plays great. Wake did it last year with Miami in town. Clemson did it earlier this year against Duke (and hasn't played as well since).

Sometimes you can take a team (or two) in the middle of a depressing season and come up with a game that has either greatness throughout or a stunning ending.

The game Thursday night between Georgia Tech and Boston College was taut, particularly in the second half. Neither team is great, but both teams are capable of playing well at times.

You'd have thought Boston College had a pretty good shot at winning when Olivier Hanlan scored with 3.4 left to put BC up 71-70. But Tech's Marcus Georges-Hunt got the ball on the inbounds, sprinted downcourt, and hit a three pointer which instantly drew comparisons to Tyler Ennis's memorable shot for Syracuse to defeat Pitt earlier in the week. He also drew a foul on Lonnie Jackson.

Georges-Hunt's shot was very dramatic, but he wasn't double-teamed, and it wasn't quite as long. Nonetheless, it was pretty great and should be remembered by Tech fans for a good long time.

Pitt A.D. Steve Pederson has some thoughts on the move to the ACC. In a nutshell, he seems pretty happy.

Now that the main impact of the snowstorm is over - tune in tomorrow to see some more slip-and-slide as local motorists explore the wonders of black ice - things are getting back to normal.

When it looked as if the Duke-UNC game would go on but without the vast majority of ticket holders, UNC was almost certainly going to do what it did in 2000 when Maryland attendance was limited by 20 inches of snow: just open the doors to whoever could make it and invite them to sit courtside. ESPN's Eammon Brennan says it's time UNC change the seating in the Dean Dome. Apparently some UNC students agree.

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