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ACC Roundup

Terps hear it again, this time from Virginia fans.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In Monday night's ACC action, an increasingly remarkable Miami team put a knife in Florida State's back, dropping the Seminoles to 14-10 and 5-7 in the ACC.

Tuesday's Games
Teams Times TV
Clemson vs. Notre Dame 7:00 ESPN3
Wake Forest vs. NC State 7:00 ESPNU
Monday's Results
  • Miami 77 Florida State 73
  • Virginia 61 Maryland 53
#1 Syracuse 10-0 23-0
#16 Virginia 11-1 20-5
#9 Duke 8-3 19-5
#23 Pittsburgh 8-3 20-4
North Carolina 6-4 16-7
Clemson 6-4 15-7
North Carolina State 5-5 15-8
Maryland 6-6 14-11
Florida State 5-7 14-10
Wake Forest 4-6 14-9
Miami (FL) 3-8 12-12
Georgia Tech 3-8 12-12
Notre Dame 3-8 12-12
Boston College 2-8 6-17
Virginia Tech 1-10 8-15
ACC Stats
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Maybe 12-12 and 3-8 doesn't sound like much, but it really is. This is a team that, without superb coaching, might have finished winless in the conference.  Jim Larranaga is doing an absolutely incredible job with minimal talent.

As for FSU, what a disappointing season it's becoming. It looked early as if Leonard Hamilton had quickly rebuilt his program, but now? Florida State is 1-5 lately and hasn't stopped many teams.

Didn't stop Miami either: the 'Canes, chronically challenged on offense this year, hit 47.9% overall and 46.7% from three point range.

It's not like Florida State lacks talent. Okaro White, Devon Bookert, Ian Miller - all of them should be capable defenders, and defense is Hamilton's calling card.

Not lately.

In Charlottesville, the Terps heard it again: ACC! ACC! ACC! as Virginia topped Maryland, 61-53.

Maryland was competitive in the first half, but Joe Harris scored 16 in the second to help the 'Hoos pull away.

Seth Allen continues to round into form for Maryland, hitting 7-14.

Overall, Virginia held Maryland to 40.4% and 28.6% from three point range.

With the loss, Maryland falls to 14-11 and 6-6 in conference. Virginia is now 20-5 and 11-1.

Next up for Maryland is a final trip to Cameron, where the fans would love to join their conference brethren in the farewell chant.

On Tuesday, two interesting games as State plays Wake and Clemson visits turnover-prone Notre Dame. With big expectations, .500 wasn't where Notre Dame expected to be in February, and Clemson's rather physical defense is going to be a challenge.

On the other hand, Clemson still has some NCAA hope, and this is a big game from that point of view.

Clemson has a reasonable shot at finishing with 21-23 wins (post ACC Tournament) and that would have them at least in the conversation. Not much room for error, but it beats 12-12.

State and Wake, meanwhile, is a really old ACC rivalry with a bitter flavor all its own. Neither is completely out of the running for the post-season although both are long shots. It's a huge game for State, but with back to back road trips to Syracuse and Clemson coming up, it may not matter.

The Washington Post wrote us to suggest we link to a trailer for a documentary the paper is working on about the Duke-Maryland "rivalry."

We wrote back and told them that our Big Ten rivals are in Michigan. But we'll link it anyway.

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