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ACC Roundup

A big day Saturday with the highlight in the Carrier Dome.

Mark Gottfried demonstrates defense to his N.C. State team.
Mark Gottfried demonstrates defense to his N.C. State team.
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday is a big day for ACC hoops as everyone plays except Pitt and UVa, and that game is Sunday.

Saturday's Games
Teams Times TV
Maryland vs. Virginia Tech 12:00 ACCN
BC vs. Notre Dame 12:00 ACCN
Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forest 12:00 RSN
NC State vs. UNC 1:00 ESPN2
Clemson vs. FSU 3:00 ESPN/ESPN2
Norfolk State vs. Miami 4:00 ESPN3
Duke vs. Syracuse 6:30 ESPN
#2 Syracuse 7-0 -- 20-0
Virginia 7-1 .5 16-5
#18 Pittsburgh 6-2 1.5 18-3
#17 Duke 6-2 1.5 17-4
Clemson 4-3 3 13-6
Wake Forest 4-4 3.5 14-7
North Carolina State 4-4 3.5 14-7
Florida State 4-4 3.5 13-7
Maryland 4-4 3.5 12-9
North Carolina 3-4 4 13-7
Boston College 2-5 5 6-14
Georgia Tech 2-6 5.5 11-10
Notre Dame 2-6 5.5 11-10
Miami (FL) 2-6 5.5 10-10
Virginia Tech 1-7 6.5 8-12
ACC Stats
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Maryland gets a chance to kick Virginia Tech's can, while the Catholic schools have their first ACC rumble in South Bend, with both reeling. Back on the eastern seaboard, Georgia Tech, now missing Jason Morris, ventures to Winston-Salem to take on the Deacs. Clemson takes a bruising defense down to Tallahassee to trade bruises with FSU while Miami takes an ACC breather with Norfolk State.

And there's some other game in Chapel Hill but we forget who's playing in that one.

Oh yeah, it's State and UNC, Roy Williams' second favorite rivalry, although given the damage inflicted by State fans on UNC athletics , it might move up the charts a bit.

We're referring to the State fans who established that Michael McAdoo wildly plagiarized his work in an Afro-American and African Studies class.

In the history of collegiate rivaldom, if that's a word, has anyone ever inflicted nearly as serious a blow as State has inflicted on UNC?

Or really UNC inflicted on itself, but never mind.

It should be an interesting game, with UNC trying to control TJ Warren and State trying to deal with James Michael McAdoo. Both matchups are going to be tough though Warren is a better scorer. The bad blood is back! And that's good.

Also, Beejay Anya may or may not play.

Maryland visits Virginia Tech, a fading team but one capable of a good night, especially if the Terps flake out on the road.

We have no clue at all about BC and Notre Dame but would likely favor the Irish here. If N.D. loses, the season is in real trouble.

Georgia Tech is now a team with serious injury problems and we'd expect Wake to win - if the Deacs play to their potential.

Clemson and Florida State could be a really interesting game with both teams having a hard defensive style. FSU seems to be slipping and Clemson might be. Something's got to give.

Earlier in the year, Miami might have lost to Norfolk State. At this point, we think the 'Canes, despite many deficiencies, should win.

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