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The News And Observer Appears To Be Homing In On Basketball's Role In The UNC Scandal

Dan Kane is deeply unpopular among UNC faithful, but his continuing work is impressive.

Roy Williams may be in for some even tougher questions soon.
Roy Williams may be in for some even tougher questions soon.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

As far as we could discern, with the recent release of the Wainstein Report, UNC seemed to think the worst of the scandal was behind them.

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Perhaps not.

As we already know, the accreditation folks (SACS) are going to take a look at UNC with one college president already calling for stripping it.

Mary Willingham has had a lawsuit filed for some time now, and given her treatment at the hands of UNC, she is not likely to be in a hurry to settle.

Also this week, Michael McAdoo filed a class action suit against the university on behalf of athletes who he maintains were pressured into the so-called paper classes.

Either suit is liable to subpoena lots of people and get at some uncomfortable truths on the stand.

And though a lot of people, including us, think former Heel Rashad McCants isn't necessarily credible, now the N&O, which has turned in some impressive reporting (most of all dogged Dan Kane), may be on the verge of corroborating some of his claims and even building on them.

The N&O posted a story Saturday which goes directly after the basketball program and specifically the 2005 national championship team.

During the spring semester of UNC's title run, McCants had three independent studies classes plus a lecture class which featured no lectures. He made was given an A- in each class.

But that's not all.

Nine bogus classes were taken by basketball players in the fall of 2004, which helped them to be eligible in the spring of 2005, and 26 more were apparently taken during the spring.

But that's not all either.

Kane is tying the basketball program, via Wayne Walden, to Deborah Crowder. And he's starting to shift the focus of his narrative to Ol' Roy Williams.

One section is entitled "Williams' changing story," which can't be good.

This quote from a 2012 radio interview may come back to haunt him: "Our track record is pretty doggone good. And our track record has been pretty doggone good for 15 years at Kansas, nine years at North Carolina. And we know how much we emphasize the academic side in the basketball office. We know what our guys are majoring in. We know – every day we’re in touch with those kids (emphasis ours). So it’s something, again, that I’m very proud of."

Could it turn out that the Wainstein Report is the final word? Possibly, sure. Given the lawsuits and where Kane seems to be be going, though, it seems very unlikely. If he's right about the 2005 team and bogus classes are confirmed by the NCAA, there's really no choice other than to vacate the title.