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ACC Roundup

Both Virginia schools, UNC's big win and Syracuse. Oh, and Michael McAdoo's back.

London Perrantes may be thinking about his suspension for awhile.
London Perrantes may be thinking about his suspension for awhile.
Streeter Lecka

A couple of interesting notes from the Commonwealth next door: first, Chris Clarke, who had committed to Tennessee last week.

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No more: the 6-5 Virginia Beach native has reneged on the Vols and volunteered to be a Hokie.

And in Charlottesville, Tony Bennett has suspended Evan Nolte and London Perrantes for the preseason scrimmages and the season-opener against Jame Madison.

The cause? Both players broke team rules over the summer.

In Chapel Hill, another exhibition thumping: the Heels beat Belmont Abbey 112-34.

Yes it's Belmont Abbey, but 78 points is 78 points.

Justin Jackson hit 8-10 from the floor and led UNC with 16 points.

Dark clouds are still over the athletic department though, as former football player Michael McAdoo has filed a class action suit with specific accusations:

That he was told he was pressured to pick one of three majors: Exercise Sport Science, Communications, or African-American Studies.

There's more to his suit, and we hope you read the link, but even if he was shoved into AFAM paper classes, no one forced him to plagiarize. He could have still done the work. He chose to go along.

You may recall that during his previous suit (to regain his eligibility) McAdoo's plagiarism was exposed by N.C. State students. In a sense, it's almost come full circle.

And of course, his attorneys are likely to subpoena all sorts of people.

There was a bit of a buzz Friday as Jim Boeheim allegedly joined Twitter.

Only not exactly: he's got a ghost writer, or tweeter maybe.