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Marquette Loses, But What A Way To Lose

Losing stinks, but how you lose says a whole lot, and Marquette lost as well about as a team can lose.

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You know Marquette coach Steve Wojciechowski loved this.
You know Marquette coach Steve Wojciechowski loved this.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Take two games from Saturday by rookie coaches who are building programs and starting with less-than-ideal talent.

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Danny Manning and Wake Forest suffered an upset to Delaware State.

Meanwhile, former Duke assistant Steve Wojciechowski and Marquette gave Tom Izzo's Michigan State team fits. Check out what Izzo said afterwards: "What we shot from all areas, we should have won by a lot. But because we turned it over, because we didn't do our assignments defensively and a team just drove it, drove it, drove it, we were in a dogfight. We sure ain't blue collar, so we're going to see if can get back to blue collar."

"Give them a lot of credit, I'm telling you that team played hard. I loved that team tonight. Marquette played harder than us. We won the game because I think we're a little better, but I didn't enjoy a lot of it. The tougher team lost tonight."

That's high praise.

Marquette can build off of this loss and if handled correctly, Wake can build off of theirs as well. No doubt that Marquette is happier right now though.