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Former Duke Star Kenny Dennard Honored

Cameron Crazies loved watching Dennard play.
Cameron Crazies loved watching Dennard play.
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

From the better late than never department: South Stokes High, near King, NC, will retire Kenny Dennard's jersey Saturday.

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Dennard graduated in 1978 and we can't imagine many other NBA players coming out of there.

It's a nice honor for Dennard so congratulations to the former Duke and NBA star and noted cancer survivor.

If you talk to Dennard, as much as he treasures his basketball career, he may tell you that cancer was a greater gift in his life because it allowed (or forced) him to completely alter his focus. Being sick ended his basketball life but gave him a very different one in return, and one that he clearly treasures. Nobody in their right mind wants cancer, but not many people have grown from it like Dennard has.