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UNC Football Players Damage Duke Locker Room, Melvin Scott Charged With Rape

UNC, where trouble rolls like a river.

Another headache for UNC's Larry Fedora
Another headache for UNC's Larry Fedora
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Rough day for UNC all around. First, it was revealed that Carolina football players spraypainted the Duke locker roomafter the football game this past Thursday, causing significant damage.

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Our theory is that they heard they could get credit for an art class.

Second, we just heard on the radio that Melvin Scott, a member of the 2005 basketball team, has been charged with rape.

And third, UNC's reluctance to be transparent about who was disciplined or fired in the scandal there has resulted in a lawsuit, which will defeat the latest attempt at keeping things out of the news.

Just another day on the Hill...