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Grant Hill Inducted Into College Basketball HOF

A richly deserved honor for a guy who has always done things the right way.

Grant Hill was inducted to the College Basketball Hall Of Fame Sunday.
Grant Hill was inducted to the College Basketball Hall Of Fame Sunday.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When Grant Hill was in high school, Street & Smith profiled him and said that all he really needed was a better outside jump shot. Otherwise, he was headed for greatness.

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Like Danny Ferry and Bobby Hurley, Hill grew up following UNC and was interested in attending UNC.

Fortunately for Duke, that didn't happen, and he became a key part of Duke's legendary back-to-back champions in 1991-92. And Duke came within a jumper of winning a third in his senior year.

Street  & Smith's estimation of Hill proved to be on the money and on Sunday, he was inducted into the College Basketball Hall Of Fame.

Shaquille O' Neal, his LSU coach Dale Brown, Louisville's Darrell Griffith, former Maryland coach Gary Williams, former Stetson coach Glenn Wilkes, Howard Garfinkel and the late Zelmo Beatty were also inducted.

Hill was an amazing college player. Most people remember his amazing alley-oop against Kansas as his career highlight, but for us it was watching him singlehandedly break up a 4-on-1 fast break by UNC during his senior year. That was astonishing, but it was Grant Hill all the way.