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Labissiere Signs With Kentucky...

....but may never play in college.

Skal Labissiere could prove to be a big headache for John Calipari
Skal Labissiere could prove to be a big headache for John Calipari
Jamie Squire

Five-star Memphis big man Skal Labissiere has committed to Kentucky, spurning hometown Memphis, North Carolina, Georgetown, and others. It is yet another big recruiting whiff for Roy Williams in the Class of 2015, although considering the shadiness of much of what has gone on around Labissiere and his guardian, those in the UNC community who actually care about the university's academic reputation may be breathing a sigh of relief. They probably dodged at least a PR bullet.

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Almost comically, given the shenanigans around his high school transfers and resulting ineligibility to play regular high school ball in Memphis, Labissiere stated that one of the reasons he worked so hard on his academics was so he could attend Kentucky.

I'm not displeased with his decision. Not only is he going to occupy a spot at UK and thereby may dissuade other high quality bigs from choosing them -- and this despite the chance that he never plays a minute of college basketball -- but the NCAA has already stated it's going to be looking into everything with the guardian and the allegations of quid pro quo's being demanded in exchange for the young man's commitment. NCAA investigators snooping around Lexington? Some things never change.

Isaiah Briscoe out of New Jersey, who in my mind is the best point guard in this class, signed up today too, despite the fact that Kentucky just started recruiting him this summer. The physical scoring point guard is going to be a really good one. The beat goes on. Big miss for Steve Lavin at St. John's, who really needed him.