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P.J. Dozier Picks South Carolina Over North Carolina.

You'd think they might have had enough of P.J.'s lately anyway.

South Carolina's Frank Martin is no doubt thrilled to get P.J. Dozier to stay home.
South Carolina's Frank Martin is no doubt thrilled to get P.J. Dozier to stay home.
Kevin C. Cox

Swing and a miss again for UNC on the recruiting trail. P.J. Dozier, the fine wing prospect out of South Carolina, has spurned North Carolina, Louisville, and others, and opted to remain home and play for the Gamecocks.

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Carolina really has no shooters in the pipeline at all, and Dozier was their last real hope in the 2015 class at that position. It already was a downer week vis-a-vis recruiting when elite Vegas big man Stephen Zimmerman opted not to take an official visit (he only has one left) to UNC and will take it to hometown UNLV instead, a place he doubtless has been many times already.

UNC folks have been kidding themselves for a long time when stating they thought they'd be real players in the end for Zimmerman and California big man Ivan Rabb, but now the reality must be setting in that neither one is happening unless something major changes with those two kids.

As discussed in other recent articles here on DBR, the case of Memphis big Skal Labissiere (also pursued by UNC) just gets stranger and stranger, and he is looking more and more toxic by the day.e just seems like a kid who is going to be outright sold to the highest bidder, but with the NCAA now on the case, nobody should be surprised if he never enrolls in college at all.

In any event, I'm sure the mantra over at Carolina is going to change to "the 2015 class doesn't matter; it's 2016 where we have to score on the recruiting trail." What else can you say when you've struck out on every meaningful recruit you've sought, and have very few targets -- Brandon Ingram is one -- remaining? We shall see.