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Former Duke Assistant Steve Wojciechowski Ready To Get Started At Marquette

Wojo has shaken things up; now it's time to see what he and his team can do.

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Steve Wojciechowski's having a ball so far at Marquette.
Steve Wojciechowski's having a ball so far at Marquette.
Kevin C. Cox

We've been following the Milwaukee newspaper to keep up with Steve Wojciechowski's progress. As the season opener draws near, the paper is impressed with Wojo's energy and recruiting, but points out that this year, Wojo and staff will have to rely on unproven players.

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For his part, Wojo says this: "I think [how good we can be is] very much up in the air. I think we can be a good team. We have a small margin for error, so we need to stay healthy, we need to utilize each day that we have at practice to get better, we have to pay attention to all the details.

"We're not running from it. We want to be good. We're understanding more what it takes to be good and that's what we're working toward on a daily basis."

It's hard to say just how good the Golden Eagles will be, but if the team absorbs Wojo's martial spirit, it'll be a tough bunch to play.