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UTEP, Floyd, Looking At Possible FBI Investigation

When the FBI gets involved, things are likely to go south.


Tim Floyd has had, depending on your point of view, really bad luck or bad ethics.

His fall at USC came after the OJ Mayo situation came to light.

Mayo, who committed to USC without even visiting, allegedly took money from one Rodney Guillory - money allegedly provided to Guillory by Floyd.

Floyd ultimately resigned and USC forfeited all 21 wins.

This year, he got into an argument with his old school when his signee, Isaac Hamilton, asked to be released. He accused new USC coach Andy Enfield of tampering.

Later, Enfield made this crack: "Tim Floyd shows up every day at work and realizes he lives in El Paso, Texas. And he's pissed off that he didn't get the USC job two months ago."

So when the two of them ran into each other at Atlantis, they ended up in an argument which nearly turned into a very public fight.

And now?

Looks like the FBI is looking into things at UTEP, with a specific focus on suspended players McKenzie Moore and Jalen Ragland, both juniors.

The bureau hasn't said why, but a few ideas come to mind very quickly, none of them good.